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10 Easy Tips for a Healthier You

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I recently posted this question on Facebook:

“If you were to give one tip to a friend that was looking to transition to a healthier lifestyle what would it be?
I got some great answers! What I really want people to understand is that living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t need to be difficult. As I talked about in my last post, it’s about progress and not perfection. Simple, small steps CAN and WILL make a difference.

So here’s not one, but TEN 10 Easy Tips for a Healthier YOU:

Let’s start with a  few from my fabulous Facebook followers:

  1. Avoid food that comes in packages! eat “ingredients” instead of prepared food. (remember that rule about eating from the perimeter of the grocery store? Or better yet, hit the local farmers market!)
  2. Prep veggies so they’re ready to grab when you need a quick and healthy snack (you will be less likely to grab something unhealthy!)
  3. Turn on music that makes you want to shake and move while you are working in the house. (Yes, even grooving to your favorite tunes can be exercise!)
  4. Take time to plan (Meal planning actually SAVES you time AND money!)

And some of my favorite tips that I give clients:

5.  Eat Vegetarian one day a week. Check out “Meatless Monday” for inspiration!

6.  Clean out the Pantry! Remove all the temptations and replace them with healthier choices. Check out my post Guide to a Well Stocked Pantry for a list of items you can start adding to the pantry to always have healthy options on hand!

7.  Take time to BREATHE: Life is hectic and we are often moving at a breakneck speed through the day. When you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed, try this breathing exercise.

8.  Detoxify and reboot your system with the Whole Foods Reset Program! When you give your body the right foods, it will detox naturally and you will have more energy.

9.   Ask for SUPPORT: Let your family know that you are trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Let them know how important it is to you and that their support would be mean a lot to you.

10.  Start the day with simple stretches. Gentle yoga poses are also a great beginning of the day routine!

Get Even Healthier! Are you curious about how to harmonize your health goals? How to fit wellness into your busy schedule? Let’s talk! Schedule complimentary discovery session with me today – or pass this offer on to someone you care about!


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