Blending vs. Juicing

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Blender or Juicer? Have you ever wondered if one is better than the other? First I think it’s important to understand the differences between blending and juicing. Let’s start by breaking them down: Juicing involves extracting water and nutrients from a fruit or vegetable, leaving the fiber behind. The benefits of juicing include: 1. Juicing is […]

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Getting Back into the Swing

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Does the calendar really say September already? I feel so blessed to have had a summer filled with sun, fun, family and friends this year – but boy did it fly by! Now that my girl is in full-day kindergarten (sniff, sniff) I am transitioning to a new schedule.  If you are having trouble adjusting to a new schedule or […]

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Mommy Guilt

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When I became a mom, my life changed forever. My daughter was my pride and joy and I wanted to spend every moment with her. At that time, I was working a 9-5 corporate job and hated to be away from her so much. I was always afraid I would miss something like her first word, first steps or […]

Diet is a four letter word

Diet is a Four Letter Word: 5 Reasons Diets Fail

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Did you know that the word DIET originally comes from  the Greek diaita  which means “mode of living” and from diaitan “to direct one’s own life”. I don’t know about you, but I personally like the origin of the word much more than what the word has become in today’s society. Why does DIET have to be a dirty four letter word? Dieting is a BILLION dollar business. In […]

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Five Great Uses for Juicer Pulp

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Have you experienced the benefits of juicing? When you eat foods that are cooked above 114 degrees, the enzymes are destroyed by the heat. Juicing raw fruits and vegetables enables you to consume all those beneficial enzymes. In addition, because juicing removes the indigestible fiber from the fruits and vegetables,  their nutrients are not only available faster, but they are assimilated more […]

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Healthy Fats That You Should be Eating

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In honor of American Heart Month,  I wanted to talk about why it’s so important to cut out low-fat processed foods and incorporate healthy fats in your diet. It started back in the 90’s. Low-fat was the craze. Convenience foods were emblazoned with “FAT FREE” or “ZERO CALORIE” and they were EVERYWHERE! We came to believe that eating any kind of fat would automatically […]