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Healthy Fats That You Should be Eating

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In honor of American Heart Month,  I wanted to talk about why it’s so important to cut out low-fat processed foods and incorporate healthy fats in your diet. It started back in the 90’s. Low-fat was the craze. Convenience foods were emblazoned with “FAT FREE” or “ZERO CALORIE” and they were EVERYWHERE! We came to believe that eating any kind of fat would automatically […]

Foods to Help Balance Your Hormones

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Do you suffer from awful PMS, hormonal break-outs, a low sex drive or hot flashes? Did you know that there are natural ways to combat hormone imbalances with FOOD? Here are a few of my favorites: 1. Phytoestrogenic foods:  Phytoestrogens are estrogen hormone-like chemicals found in plants. Including foods like leafy green vegetables, miso, lentils, chick peas, beans […]

Kids’ Kitchen: 40 fun and healthy recipes to make and share – A Review and Giveaway!

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 If you are a parent of young kids, chances are that you have heard of Barefoot Books. According to the website, “When Nancy Traversy and Tessa Strickland started Barefoot Books in 1992, they were young mothers with four children between them. They wanted to create meaningful, creative careers where they could make a difference in […]