Kids’ Kitchen: 40 fun and healthy recipes to make and share – A Review and Giveaway!

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Kids' Kitchen recipe cards If you are a parent of young kids, chances are that you have heard of Barefoot Books. According to the website, “When Nancy Traversy and Tessa Strickland started Barefoot Books in 1992, they were young mothers with four children between them. They wanted to create meaningful, creative careers where they could make a difference in the world, while also keeping their children at the center of their lives. And that’s how Barefoot Books was born. For over twenty years, we have created bright, colorful books for children that combine beautiful artwork with captivating storytelling. Our books capture the imagination, spark curiosity, inspire creativity and instill a respect for cultural, social and ecological diversity.”

When I was contacted by Sheila McGovern asking me if I would review Kids’ Kitchen: 40 fun and healthy recipes to make and share, I gladly accepted. These colorful and super cute recipe cards are a great way to get your kids into the kitchen and cooking with you. If you read my post Raising a Healthy Eater, you know that I truly believe the way to get your kids to try new things is to get them involved in the kitchen.

This card deck is broken out into 5 color-coded food groups:

1. Eggs n Beans

2. Fantastic Fruits

3. Milk and Dairy

4. Spuds n Grains

5. Vital Vegetables

When I told my daughter that she could pick the recipe that we were going to do a taste test of, she decided on “Breakfast Friends”, which is a slight twist on French toast. Like all the recipes, there are only a few ingredients, making it super easy for the kids to help. Instead of using milk, the recipe subs Greek yogurt (we used goat’s milk yogurt because that is what we had on hand). It also calls for whole grain bread, eggs, honey, cinnamon, butter and raisins for garnish (if you use animal cookie cutters). We used some cute heart, flower and butterfly cookie cutter shapes that we had on hand and garnished the plate with some strawberries and Voila!

breakfast friends from kids kitchenMy daughter loved this version and has asked for it twice already since we made it on Tuesday! I have to admit, I can’t believe that I never thought of using yogurt in the egg mixture! It’s a great addition and adds even more protein.

If you are looking for a fun way to get cooking with the kids, this card deck is a great place to start. I was pleased by the variety of recipes and the only substitution I would make is to change out the canola oil in the recipes for something that is less processed like coconut oil.

My daughter and I have read many Barefoot Books over the years and recently added Herb the Vegetarian Dragon to our library (also super cute by the way!). If you are looking to add this or other Barefoot Books to your collection, click here to order. You can also save 20% by using the code: TWENTY13!

And last but not least, if you’d like Kids’ Kitchen for your very own kitchen, Simply click below to enter to WIN:
Kids Kitchen Recipe Cards Giveaway

Good luck and happy cooking!


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  1. Looks fantastic – Would love to enter for the Giveaway…how do I go about doing that?
    -MaryAnn 🙂

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